I Can Sing A Rainbow

Happy New Year! 🙂

My hope and plan for this year is to record and release A LOT of music.

Here’s my first offering for 2017: I Can Sing A Rainbow

Andrew Howie - I Can Sing A Rainbow

Cover photo by Stephen McLeod. Cover design by Alister MacInnes.

This 60-minute ambient piece was originally released as a free gift for anyone who bought The Quiet In The Land, a noisy electronic record I released under the name Calamateur in 2011.

This new version has been tweaked and re-mixed at home, then lovingly re-mastered by Steve Lawson.

The piece is comprised of seven musical phrases (one for each colour of the rainbow) which repeat at mathematically pre-determined points throughout the song’s one-hour duration, often overlapping in unforeseen and fortuitous ways. These seven phrases play out over a background of ever-evolving noises that represent the earth’s elements.

Inspirations for this album include Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon and Neroli (both themselves 1-hour-long pieces), Moby’s 33.3-minute Hymn.Alt.Quiet.Version, The KLF’s Chill Out, and the works of Steve Lawson and Susumu Yokota.

You can get I Can Sing A Rainbow for FREE over on Bandcamp right now. Enjoy! 🙂