The Old Fox of ’45 – Remastered

The Old Fox of 45

Out today! A re-mastered re-release of my debut album (as Calamateur), The Old Fox of ’45:

I’m not going to lie, this was a tough one to get right. Part of the art of mastering is about bringing a palpable level of audio cohesion to a record, gluing the disparate sounds of an album together in a way that makes sense. Most of these songs were recorded in different spaces, at different times, with different gear, so it needed a lot of glue! Revisiting it has been a fun, frustrating process 🙂

The text on the Bandcamp page collects the original press release, as well as the reviews the album got when it originally came out. My favourite at the time was this one from Teletext’s (remember Teletext?!) Planet Sound:

“…stunning…a work of beauty…what took Snow Patrol’s 3 albums and 4 people to accomplish, Calamateur’s Andrew Howie manages straight off with songs of desolate beauty underpinned with a savage hope. Buy it. 8/10″

Enjoy! And please share it on social media if you can 🙂