Distant Voices – Silent Seconds EP

Distant Voices EP

Last week I got to play alongside some stellar musicians (including Donna Maciocia, Graeme McKerracher, Emma Pollock, Ross Clark, Louis Abbott, Richy Carey, Jo Mango & Lucy Cathcart Frödén) at Distant Voices:In Song, a gig put on by Vox Liminis (an organisation I work with often) to showcase some of the amazing songs that have been written in Vox-run songwriting workshops, both inside and outside of prisons.

This brand new EP contains 5 of those songs, recorded at Chem19 Recording Studio and performed by the musicians who played Monday night, plus others. It’s only £2.99(!) on iTunes and it comes with a wee digital booklet featuring the gorgeous artwork by Gabi Froden.

Here it is on Bandcamp as well:

Enjoy! 🙂