Victory EP

'Victory EP' by Andrew Howie

Yesterday I put out a brand new 4-track EP. It’s called Victory and can be seen as a kind of post-script to my latest album The Great Divide. I made a video for the song’s lead track, using grainy cine-film footage of a 1968 wedding (fun fact – it’s my wife’s parents):



You can get the EP in all the usual places (listed below) but the best (and cheapest!) place to get it is Bandcamp, for only £1 (or more, if you’re feeling generous!).

Here’s a quick track-by-track run-down:

Victory is a love song, of sorts, which, instead of dealing with the typical pop-song fodder of falling in love and bad break-ups, tackles the day-to-day struggles of trying to hold a long-term relationship together in the face of disappointments, parenthood and the repetitiveness of everyday life. Yvonne Lyon, once again, lends her beautiful backing vocals and piano-playing to proceedings. It’s already been played by Roddy Hart and Iain Anderson on Radio Scotland.

The second track is a gorgeous remix by Mike K Smith of The Fury And The Sound, my duet/co-write with Yvonne Lyon. He replaces the original’s kinetic beats with lush synths and ambient textures.

The third track Post (Post) is an instrumental guitar piece, a world-weary coda toPost, a song from The Great Divide which dealt with the break-up of a spiritual community.

The fourth and final track is Jesus in 3/4 Time, a song originally written by Eagles-contemporary J.D. Souther, and later performed by Jackson Browne. The perfect addendum to the subjects I sang about on The Great Divide.

Here’s where you can get it:

Google Play

Thanks for reading and listening!