This song, taken from the album ‘Happy Holidays’ by The Grand Gestures, has been released as a single today. I co-wrote the song with Pauline Alexander (who sings it alongside me) and Jan Burnett, who heads up The Grand Gestures:

You can get it in these places:




You might think Hogmanay is a strange choice of date to release a single, but given that it’s about being alone over the Christmas season, maybe not *that* strange đŸ™‚

Here’s some nice words about the album and the song from The Skinny:

“Happy Holidays’ sombre, ambient electronics are more likely to remind you of a budget This Mortal Coil than Slade or Darlene Love, particularly when guests Andrew Howie and Pauline Alexander cry hopelessly over Quiet’s grim, icy tundras. It’s a genuine beauty that they concoct, however; a natural poignancy that lingers long after its throbbing electronics fade…”

And Is This Music?:

“Pride of place, however, goes to Andrew Howie and Pauline Alexander, whose ‘Quiet’ is the ideal soundtrack to a mince pie and sherry for one.”

Also, my album The Great Divide made it into jockrock’s Top 50 Scottish Albums of the Year list, rolling in at number 20. The Grand Gestures album is in there too at 15. Whoop!Â đŸ™‚

Thank you to everyone who supported me this year. There’s more music to come in 2016.